The RVS Educational Trust was established in 1983 by Dr. K.V. Kupusamy, an industrialist-turned educationist, in memory of his late son Thiru.Rathinavel Subramaniam, who attained heavenly abode at a very tender age. The aim of the Trust has expanded from technical education to embrace in its sweep, Medicine and Agriculture as well. Its main objective is to provide quality education to our youth in the fields of Engineering, Medicine and Agriculture by imparting knowledge, technical skills, practical training and application in actual work situations. Known for his magnanimity, munificence, spiritual bent of mind and suave cool demeanour, he is widely recognized and respected. In recognition of his services to the society he has been rewarded with several awards such as Doctor of Philosophy in Education by Dianora University (Italy - 1993), “Glory of India” by International Friendship Society of India (1994), “Vidya Jothi”, “Vijay Shree”, “Bharath Jothi” and Udyog Excellence.  In short he is an embodiment of accomplishments in the right way and right direction.

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